Who comes up with this shit?

Think bad TV ads, think god awful billboards, think self opinionated fashionistas.

This is where we review awful tv advertising, bad billboards and horrendous product and service promotions, or the occasional horrendous fashion item.

Have you ever been sitting in your living room watching TV and watched an advert and thought; "Who comes up with this shit?" Well we have, many times.

We have a passion for marketing, advertising and branding. Packaging and Billboards, film and fashion are our passion.

If you have seen a terrible ad, billboard or product promotion, please get in touch and send them in to us!

What's on the top of your shit list?


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Draped bomber showpiece jacket by Astrid Andersen - £5200.00

Step 1. Go to Argos

Step 2. Find a Sleeping Bag

Step 3. Get Scissors, Cut it Up, Add some Zips.

Step 4. Add it to ASOS Market Place

Step 5. Charge a ridiculous  amount of money.

Step 6. Sit back and wait for some knob with more money then sense. 

Fuck sake, who comes up with this shit?


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